The key to every successful manufacturing business is the union of its workforce with technology and creativity.

Doing what we say and saying what we do gives "more than just a vendor" feelings to our valued customers. There is no better piece of mind for our customers than knowing that we will do whatever it takes in order to meet on-time delivery with no compromise whatsoever with quality. We provide a level of workmanship and a command of the craft that put us at the forefront of circuit assembly.

We believe that a highly experienced and dedicated workforce combined with the state-of-the-art technology is a fundamental requirement to gaurantee quality products. We continue to reinvest in equipments and in training our workforce to preserve a technological yet competitive edge.

While developing our own in-house designed products, our talented engineering staff is always available to identify and resolve any issues that might come up during manufacturing process. Having advnaced testing and diagnostic equipments, we offer custom test-fixtures, functional testing and debugging services as well.

Best of all, having our sister companies involved in PCB design, Lay-out and Fabrication services, RF Circuits & Assembly is your one stop shopping place!